Grand Devon
2007 Prototype

This bar has a 10' (120") front piece and a 10' (120") back piece.  Both the front and back pieces have finished ends.  The height is 102" at the center.

The stain color is a darker red - Historic Rockford Rust finish.

There is a copper sink in the back section.  The front has a 24" frig/wine location, a trash unit, and additional storage.  The bar includes the sink, faucet, and copper p-trap.

This entire bar BREAKS APART (knock-down).  The front breaks into 3 components.  The upper back and lower back breaks into 3 components each.  The tabletops on the front and back lift off the base units.  The front and back tabletop are SOLID WOOD - something very rare in such length.  Almost all manufactures veneer lengths exceeding 8'.

The front and lower back ship assembled.  You will need to disassemble if required.  The front breaks apart at the mouldings.  The front center part is the largest at about 60".

We will post the complete set of pictures within 7-10 days.  This will be available to ship to your home around Thanksgiving.  We cannot guarantee Thanksgiving delivery.

Price - $14,750