We've added some stone tabletop choices for 2006.  In addition, we have added some premium granite choices and some limited edition stock.

Some of the new color slabs are not available in bar form yet, since they have not been fabricated for a bar-top.  In this case, you are only shown pictures of the slab.  We are not marble/granite experts.  We have attempted to provide you with the worldwide stone name, but in some cases, there is a local slang name used.

As with all marble or granite, it is a natural product.  This is not a solid surface material mixed with resins and catalyst to form a consistent array of colors.  Natural stone is formed from hundreds of years inside the earth.  Granite is more consistent and marble is more varied in pattern.  Yet, this is not the end to their differences.  For additional information, we have provided a link to a useful site

We do seal the marble and the granite.  Yet, this does not mean the stone is impermeable to all liquids.   Careful consideration should be paid to stone tabletops.  Granite is a less porous and harder material, and for that reason, does make a better choice for countertops.  This is why you see kitchen countertop in granite and not marble.  And marble is sometimes found more frequently in bathrooms....not referring to cultured marble.

Anyway, marble or granite will still offer a strong solid choice for a bar-top.


Verde Tropical - this is a black granite with a golden speckles of color.  This may look like Black Niro from afar, but up close, this is clearly different inside the stone.

Parasido - this is an interesting granite.  From up-close, this looks rather dark, but from a distance, it looks lighter.  This stone just has a beautiful mix of colors running in different directions.  There is black, purple, a little white, dark & light grey, and a soft red, in the granite.  It's the mutt granite.

Black Niro - our standard black granite.  It's fairly consistent and offers a good rich black appearance that most people like in a bar color.  It doesn't distract from the bar design.  Inside the stone, there is a very light white/grey. We do use the Niro from India and not China.  There is a difference in the depth of color, strength, and size.

Imperial Red (new) - this is a new granite we're going to try.  It's primarily dark red, but with specks of black/dark grey throughout.  This might look very attractive on a dark stained bar, where the focus becomes the tabletop and not the bar itself.  The pattern is very consistent.  No pics yet of a bar.

Fox Brown (new) - Brown, black, and white.  Yet, the appearance from afar is a brown tone.  Again, another new granite.  This stone reminds me of cell structure (under a microscope) when looking at it deeply.  No pics yet of a bar.


Verde Green - our standard green marble.  It's green with a touch of black and white.  Sometimes, this stone can have a bit more white veining than usual.  You must be able to accept the white veining, because we cannot guarantee it without. We do attempt to choose the darkest greens possible with the best veining. 

Black Marble - this is a light marble.  Not the standard black marble from India.  We'll post pics and update this description later.

Tan/grey - this is our new brown marble...that sometimes looks grey.  It's really kind of confusing to describe, but it is gorgeous.  The pattern of this marble is the best I have seen.


Note on 96"+ bars - All granites/marbles may NOT be available in large widths (+/-96").  Some slabs do not come in 8' or larger sections....and in some limited cases, we might not have access to a color from our suppliers for a short period of time. 

Special marble/granite requests can be made (up-charge applies).  Our local quarries do not stock over 1000 color choices.  We can attempt to find a particular color choice, but this will incur an up-charge and be subject to the stone's particular market price.