How To Purchase A Bar

OK, you've found a bar you want......what do you do?

There are several ways to purchase a bar.

You may purchase a bar -
>shipped, but not yet arrived
>in construction, but not yet shipped
>place an order for construction

As you understand, the further down the list results in a longer wait time.

In this case, the bar is in the USA and ready to be shipped.  In some cases, we can ship the bar that day (typical delivery to the customer is 2-5 days).  In-stock bars cannot be changed.  Unfortunately, we cannot hold an IN-STOCK bar longer than 3 days.  If you want to purchase an In-stock bar, you must be ready to take possession within a reasonable time.

These bars are in-transit in the container.  There may be a delivery date set, but this is always subjective.  After the container hits Long Beach, there are various delays, scans, and searches that can occur.  A delivery date on a "shipped" bar is probably +/- 7-10 days.   No changes can be made to a shipped bar.

The bars in construction can be in various stages of assembly.  In construction bars can also be the next planned phase before construction actually begins.  We have to plan construction phases due to cutting and kilning the wood.  Anyway, depending on the construction stage will determine if the bar options, stain color, or table top can be changed.  A delivery date on an "in construction or planned" bar is probably +/- 14-30 days.

If nothing in-stock, shipping, or planned meets your needs, you may place an order for construction.  Orders for production start immediate construction by removing wood from planned bars.  As soon as a bar number has a deposit, it is at the top of the shipping list. Therefore, bars with deposits (in construction or new construction) move ahead of planned or already constructed bars without deposit.  It's a simple concept really.  Any "sold" bar will be shipped ahead of any unsold bar.


So, you've made a decision!

You can call sales or email for details.  We suggest final bar orders to be emailed.  This is easy to understand and we're able to get your request in an invoice easier.  After you've made a decision, we will email you back an INTERNET INVOICE and deposit information.  The Internet Invoice will outline the details of your bar purchase.  It will also contain your shipping price.  You may email any time for a shipping price - not just during the creation of an Internet Invoice.

After you get the Internet Invoice, you will then pay your 25% deposit.  After the 25% deposit is received, you're all done.  It's just a matter of waiting.  You may check the web site for updates on your shipment.

When your bar arrives in Kentucky, you will be notified of its arrival.  We typically like to ship all bars within 14 days of their arrival.  Don't worry, the bar will not ship to you without shipping approval.

We must insist you take possession of your bar within 30 days.