Sir Walter #300

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Here it is.  Pay attention to the details.  The information here will be slightly different than the information on the home page of the Sir Walter (and PDF files).

This is the first released prototype of the new Sir Walter design.

This bar has a height of 93" to 97".  The top eyebrow can slide up and down and be fixed at the desired height.  You are viewing the Sir Walter at it's lower height of 93".  The nice thing about this feature is the ability to push the crown up against your ceiling (if desired or able).  In most cases, people have to build down to the crown (i.e. soffit).  We give you the ability to make this appear custom and/or the ability to adjust the height on premises.  The flanking side mirrors are 83".
Width, Depth
Naturally, this is a corner bar and fits in a 90 degree standard corner.  Therefore, it is 92" off each wall.  This also means the width is 92" and the depth is 92".  It is however you want to look at the numbers.
The mirrors may seem muffled, but this is just a protective film we use to cover the mirror from scratches.  You will peel this away when you get your bar.  The mirrors are 1" beveled.
Eyebrow Canopy
We are including the drinking glass insert and the stained glass.  Both are shipping with this prototype bar.  The drinking glass insert allows stemware to insert and hang down slightly.  The stained glass inserts are simply installed and allow for downdraft lighting.  Both cannot be installed, but both are included.
The drawers are our standard dovetail quality without drawer runners.  This is similar to our English Tavern model.
This prototype uses all knobs.  As always, we don't ship anything with junk.  The knobs are high-quality and not that Indo junk most people place on their furniture.  Life is full of warning signs....I think if something is shipping with junk handles/knobs that this is a good intention of their overall quality.
Copper SinkMarielle Antique Copper 4Marielle Oil Rubbed Bronze 4
This bar also includes the 18-gauge solid copper sink exclusively developed by The English Bar Company.  We had the sink custom made to our specs.  You can search the internet and you will not find this copper sink.  This is a rather interesting motif.  We are also including a free copper faucet with this sink.....Price Pfister, Marielle, in either the antique copper or the oil rubbed bronze.  The hole is not drilled for the faucet.  You will need to drill for the faucet.  We didn't have the test sample on-site for drilling or proper placement decision.
The Trash Can
We had a rather tight space in the 10" or so before the turn....and we didn't want to compromise your options in appliances, so we stuck with the tight trash can.  Included with your bar is a custom-made stainless steel 304 can.  As you can tell from the pictures, it fits within 1/8" on each side.  The glides are German-Haffele brand and open and close flawlessly.  The wood insert is stained to match the bar.  We even designed handles in the can for easy removal.
The space in the entrance is a fair 24".  This really isn't a problem for most.  Remember, the forward belly is not a problem when walking straight.  This bar does include a deeper 'back' shelf that is about 4".  The other SW have a smaller moulding that isn't really a shelf.  This is one of the variations in the other two.
The overhang on the bar is a minimal 4".  This is not your standard kitchen cabinet overhang of 8-12".  Bar stools can be pulled to the bar, but expect some difference compared to your kitchen.  The bar will sit 6 very comfortably and up to 8 in a squeeze.
The Design

This design is 100% original and developed by our company.  We are not a store selling others' designs or buying from a manufacture.  This was originally developed by Kevin McCloud.
All our corbels are original designs and not a standard catalog or store bought design carved by a CNC machine or available to anyone else.  You won't find your corbels and accents on other peoples' bars.  The other SW have larger corbels.
We have weathered the edges and softened some corners.  This would just be light distressing in various locations.  The entire bar is not distressed.
This bar cannot be installed by a novice.  Yes, the front is rather straightforward - just place and finished.  Yet, what requires some ingenuity and thought is the back wainscoting.  We have not drilled anything into the 1" mahogany backing.  You must decide where to drill into the backing.  The reason we didn't devise a method for this is because it is not clear whether you have a concrete back or a stud/gypsum backing.  If you have a stud/gypsum backing, you will need to hit the studs.  If you have a concrete back, you have an easier installation.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are a novice and must hire someone to install the bar.  If you have an idea what I am talking about, then you 'might' be able to do this.  I would advise everyone to budget $500 for help installing this bar and if you don't need it, then great.  I've been away from construction for about 2 years and really don't have current rates....but I know a burger flipper wants $7 now.
Instruction Manual on Installation
There isn't one.  This is a new design and we haven't worked out all the kinks and particulars.  You are getting our first Sir Walter.  You will not get screws to install the unit...everything depends on how you plan to install the unit.  We are including wooden plugs to hide your screws.  There are a multitude of ways to install this....but in case you simply decide to screw the face, we have included mushroom plugs to hide your Forester Bit hole. 
Why I should buy this Sir Walter and not wait for the others?
This is the simpler version of the 3 prototypes.  This will be the least expensive version.  The other two will likely be $1000 more and $2000 more.  They are all three the same size in width and depth....YET, the other two have the canopy stained glass facing forward.  In addition, the others have more intricate carving in the back panels.  The interior is the same.  Therefore, this is the lowest price of the three and the SHORTEST in height.  I'm quite sure the other two are minimum 96" and can be adjusted higher. The other two are almost ready and will be 6 weeks behind this bar.  The Sir Walter #300 will be available in August and #301 and #302 will be September.  If you have height restrictions below 96", this is your bar.  If you can go 96"+, then the other SW might be worth waiting for.
The finish is our historic Danbury Brown.  The finish techniques and materials used are the same as the English Tavern.  Over the years, our finishing techniques and results continue to improve.  All the lazy importers can copy our designs, but they can never match our finishing preparations, materials used, and final product.
The bar can accommodate either a 24" to 16" appliance and/or an 18" to 14" appliance.  We aren't going to discuss much about this for the moment.  We are seeking 3 utility patents on the bar.  No appliances are included in the price, but you have the ability to add them....frig/wine or frig/ice maker or frig only....or nothing.  The standard 34.5" height undercounter appliances are required.

$7950 - excluding delivery.

Delivery is restricted to the 48 states. Yes, bar delivery includes insurance.  The bar ships crated into KY and will deliver to you in its crate.  You will need a forklift or help lifting the pallet down from the truck.  It is likely that 6 men could lift the pallet down.  This ships in one large crate.  It really can't be liftgated down because the crate is bigger than the liftgate.  If you can get the crate down on the ground, the delivery company may slightly drag the pallet with their pallet-jack.  The size of the crate is roughly 100" (d)  x 55" (w) x 50" (h).  The crate is built with pallet runners  

Final Design (from paper to first prototype).
The SW turned out nice from concept to finished product.  It's a big bar appearance in limited space.  We loaded it with options that give you the ability to modify and change additional requirements you might have now or in the future. 

We will make about 7 more Sir Walter bars....all with variations.  The ultimate goal is to reach the final 'production bar'.  Our 10 prototype Sir Walter bars are not unlike a printer's artist proof....yet AP are more marketing gimmick today than actual 'real' differences.  The 10 SW prototypes are truly different variations that will result in our finished production bar.

The Back
The back breaks into about 10 pieces.  It must be attached to the back wall with screws/bolts or whatever you see as fit to hold the bar.  Again, exact installation could not be determined due to various 'back wall' conditions.  Therefore, there was no way to pre-drill holes.  I hope this is properly understood.  You or your carpenter must devise the best solution for installation.  I was in kitchen design for 10 years.  I know installation, problems, and yelling at incompetent construction men.  There are problem-solving carpenters and there are the 'bothered' carpenters.  If you hire the 'bothered' carpenter, then he will just complain and bitch.  I would also have this bar installed on an hourly rate versus a flat fee.  You might pay a few bucks more, but as with old house remodel/construction, sometimes little problems can be bigger than expected.

plumbing on the left wall should be from 87" to 64" from the corner.  This is where the plumbing needs to be sticking out for the plumber to work the trap to the sink.  Ideally, the plumbing should be about 75" from the corner (if not run yet).  The other SW also have the sink installed.  In the future, the SW will be available without a sink, but for our prototypes, we installed the sink.

Please make sure you have the ability to get the front bar piece in your location.  If you have direct access to your location, this may work for you....but if you must go down a set of stairs this WILL NOT WORK.  This must be installed in a new location, have access through a wall, or be accessible from a double/sliding door.

Future Sir Walter bars will use a two-piece front which will allow for easier access down stairs and through standard doors.

In addition, you must realize this is a prototype and full instructions on installation are not provided.  You will be required to adjust and make decisions in this installation.  Again, focus on the fact this is the first bar produced and all details have yet to be considered.

Included with the bar will be various touch-up stains, glaze, topcoat and cleaning products.  You can provide minor fixes to the installation in the process.


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