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Sir Walter
starting at $6950

The Sir Walter design was an idea to create a functional front bar without a full canopy.  The entire bar fits within a 7'x7' (84"x84") area and allows for multiple appliances plus a sink.  This bar has a huge appearance, yet, fits within a tight area.  By deleting the full canopy, most of our customers should have no problem moving the pieces through the house. However, deleting the large canopy did not steal anything from its appearance.  The back of the bar is merely wainscoting with mirrors and an eyebrow upper section.  The eyebrow can be wired for down-drafting lights that shine through the stained glass.

Click here for the update and pictures of the first prototype of the #SW300.  This is available for purchase now - full pictures and dimensions available.

2/26/07 Update
This design has been sitting around our warehouse for nearly 2 years.  In light of our current situation of too much customizing, we have decided to reduce the options planned and try and make it as universal as possible.  We think after you review the new changes/updates, you will agree this will work for nearly 90% of the people interested in the design.  The bar is only available in a wood tabletop for 2007.  Anyway, we have started the first 3 prototypes of the Sir Walter.  Each will have slight variations as we move them through production.  Ultimately, this will be offered in a standard design.

In addition, we have modified the size a bit.  This currently has a footprint of 92" x 92".....a little bigger than we originally planned.  We also increased the front corbels and included an overhang in the front of about 8".  There are plans to offer this as a dual-height bar design.  This will likely be around $1500+ more.

The prototype front piece was produced as a SINGLE PIECE.  This was originally not the plan and will likely be changed.  This will cause problems for people with tight interior issues.  It will be difficult to fit through existing locations.  This will only be a problem for the first 3 prototypes.  You must consider the limited access when considering the first 3 prototypes. The back is not a problem - since it breaks apart.

There are no interior options.  The new 2007 Sir Walter comes universal with a location for (2) appliances - 24" to 18" appliance AND a 18" to 15" appliance.  Don't want appliances, no problem, the sliding insert is included in both locations.  Want to add appliances later, no problem, slide the insert out and you are good to go.  Included in the bar purchase are the reducing filler inserts to make your appliances fit perfectly.  The reducing fillers work similar to a kitchen cabinet filler.

We are currently doing patent research on the reducing filler inserts and the sliding inserts.  These are rather innovative concepts that allow the customer a range of options.

Wet Sink
Want to add a wet sink?  Maybe later?  Either way, the bar section touching the wall is designed and ready for a standard bar sink.  You may purchase a marble/copper sink from us or simply cut and install a variety of after-market sinks from Kohler to American Standard.

Height Issues
We designed a very clever back system.  We haven't perfected the idea yet, but the back section has a +/- ratio of 4".  Therefore, the maximum height is 106" with the stained glass eyebrow and minimum of 92" with the wood eyebrow.  I know many customers have needs with smaller dimensions, but I didn't want to compromise the design.  After I have reviewed the first several prototypes, I will decide if we will reduce the size.

Currently, we are not offering the Sir Walter in customized heights.

The bar is available with a right or left entry.
The 3 prototypes in production now are RIGHT ENTRY (as you view the unit from the front)

The front bar has two interior sides.

This bar is only being offered as a complete package.

We are only offering this bar in mahogany.


 Base Price

Complete (stained glass eyebrow top) $7850

102" height/  +/-4 inches (106" to 98")

Complete (wood eyebrow top) $6950

96" height   +/-4 inches (100" to 92")




Options for this bar include:

2" Brass Railing $850
Wet/Dry Sink (undermount) $285
Wet/Dry Sink (w/lip for wood) $350

This bar is available for RESERVE order now.  There is a 25% deposit.