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Grand Devon
There will be a limited number of Grand Devon's available in 2008 (read below)

This bar has details that are a mix of the original picture and several other pictures (like above).

Production Pictures

Finished Pictures

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Finished Pictures

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2008 Grand Devon
The Grand Devon is a bit more time-consuming and labor intensive than original planned.  Due to the size and delay in production this bar causes, we are limiting the Grand Devon to only FIVE in 2008.  We are not guaranteeing when this bar will start in 2008.  We will have the (2) 2007 Grand Devon prototypes available by the end of the year.  GD001 and GD002 both have small differences.  The 2008 Grand Devon will be based on GD002 - the look was substantially stronger in the 3" additional height gain (105" versus 102").  The FIVE 2008 Grand Devon's will be priced at $19,000 each.  There is a $5000 reservation deposit to place an order (deposit is refundable).  Options and customization is available up until production.  Once production starts, there will be no changes.  The 2008 Grand Devon will have slight changes from the prototypes.

Want something even bigger?
Inquire about our enclosed PUB concept new in 2008.  This will be a complete package designed for a large room remodel.  The design is not finalized, but will likely include a booth.  The package will cost $50,000+

Details concerning the Grand Devon
The Grand Devon is our most opulent bar yet.  The width is pushing double-digits at 10' (120").  The design of this bar is centered on the arched keystone and mirror.  This is truly our best work yet.  The bar blends lavish details without pushing the envelope in gaudy elements.  The center section offers viewable shelves as it is flanked by beveled glass doors to its right and left.  The table top on this beast has a massive 3" appearance.  The center height is almost 9' (105").

And although this bar looks massive and problematic in installation, the reality is quite opposite.  The back bar breaks into 6 easy to move pieces.

The bar is available as a dead end right, dead end left, or open both sides.  We are only offering this bar in mahogany.

The Grand Devon now comes standard with a lower front interior that includes a trash bin, 24" frig/wine space, and several drawers.  If this fits your needs, then fine.  Yet, you can still tweak and adjust to fit your needs.

 Please pay attention to your access conditions.  The front can be produced in a 3-piece knock-down format for an additional $750.  The Grand Devon comes standard with the new BLUM blumotion tandem drawer glides.

Construction Details - the frame on the Grand Devon is 3cm - not 1.8cm like most furniture.  All mouldings are personally designed.

Yes, you can purchase the Grand Devon in any width needed.  Customizing the Grand Devon before production, starts at $22,000.


 Base Price

2007 Prototype (GD001 & GD002) $14,750 SOLD
2008 Grand Devon $19,000 Available

The mouldings are large, the scale is grand, and the finished product will look much more impressive than the drawing.


Options for this bar include:

2" Brass Railing $1250
Copper Sink (round) $525
Slide-in CUSTOMIZED copper sink $925

Stone Top Options

 for complete

Brown Marble $2400
Green Marble $2400
Black Granite $2900